Welcome to Equinox - CIELS Global Classroom

Equinox - CIELS Global Classroom 

Welcome to a fantastic collaborative online course provided by Equinox Education Services and Carlow International English Language School.

This course develops soft skills such as Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Cultural Awareness, Communication, Negotiation, Time Management and Independence.

Access to this course is limited to participant schools only. Therefore, only you and your peers have access to this content.

Equinox Education Services

Founded and run by Director Noel Doyle, Equinox Education Services provides tailor made learning and cultural experiences for students who wish to explore new cultures, learn new languages and gain life experience.

Equinox has in-depth experience working with a truly global client base, with strong contacts throughout southern Europe and Asia.

Carlow International English Language School

Operated by Director of Studies Danny Barron, CIELS has a strong track record of developing and delivering Cultural and Communication programmes for European and International students who wish to develop their Soft Skills.

CIELS enjoys strong partnerships throughout Ireland and Northern Europe.